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“Bus Papercraft” Decor Pikmin can now be found near bus stops!
Sep 19 2022

Fall is the perfect season for fun outings. Have you made any plans yet?

September 20th is Bus Day in Japan! This day commemorates the start of Japan’s first bus service, which began running in Kyoto on this day in 1903. Starting today in Pikmin Bloom, you’ll be able to find Seedlings near bus stops that will grow into “Bus Papercraft” Decor Pikmin.

Whether you’re on a long-distance bus ride to adventure, or just a short trip around your local area, there are sure to be some fun encounters and surprises along the way! No matter what your destination, Pikmin Bloom is the perfect companion for your walks!

This time we’re taking a look at some fun trivia about buses.

1. The Origin of the Word “Bus”

It’s said that the very first bus was a horse-drawn carriage that regularly ran between the Bastille and Madeleine churches in Paris way back in 1828. It was called the “Omnibus” after the “Omnes Omnibus” hat shop located at the end of the route. The term “omnibus” comes from the Latin word meaning “for all people,” and the name “bus” stuck.

2. The Longest Bus Route in the World

Have you ever wondered about the longest bus route in the world? Well wonder no more! The Guinness world record for the longest bus route by distance is held by a bus running between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru. That’s over 1,600 miles, but there used to be an even longer route! For a few years from 1968, there was a bus that ran from London, England to Calcutta, India—a distance of nearly 20,300 miles! For reference, the distance between San Francisco on the west coast of the U.S. and Jackson, Mississippi in the south is about 1,900 miles, meaning this bus covered more than ten times that distance! There was also a recent bus tour that ran from Delhi, India to London, England covering about 12,400 miles in 70 days across 18 countries!

3. The Longest Line of Buses

Do you ever start to feel excited when you see a long line of buses waiting at the terminal? Maybe you’re thinking of a couple dozen busses at most, but in India, a whopping 503 buses were lined up end to end in 2019. The average length of a medium-sized bus is about 30 feet, so a line of 503 buses is nearly 2.8 miles long! Try looking up a location 2.8 miles away from your home on a map and you might be surprised at just how far that is!

So, did you learn something? We’re pretty familiar with buses these days, but when you stop to take a look at their history, there’s actually a lot there! Next time you ride a bus to school, to work, or while on vacation, take a look at your Expedition List. You may just find some Seedlings with the distinct bus stop icon!

*The app must be updated to the latest version (v53) for “Bus Papercraft” Decor Pikmin to be displayed properly.


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