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Complete the Pikmin 4 demo on Nintendo eShop to earn the Pikmin 4 Oatchi-Rider Costume for use in the Pikmin Bloom smart device app!

A demo is now available for Pikmin 4,
the latest entry in the Pikmin series!

A demo is now available for Pikmin 4, the latest entry in the Pikmin series!

Players who complete the Pikmin 4 demo or play the full version of the game (available July 21) on Nintendo Switch will earn the Pikmin 4 Oatchi-Rider Costume reward code for use in the Pikmin Bloom app for smart devices.

Dress up your Mii character in Pikmin Bloom to feel like you’re riding Oatchi for the first time all over again!

What is Pikmin Bloom?

Pikmin Bloom is a smart device app meant to make walking more fun.

You may not be able to see them, but mysterious little life forms known as “Pikmin” are all around you.
Pikmin Bloom lets you have more fun on your walks by encountering these creatures and taking them along with you.

Nurture the Pikmin Seedlings you find by walking, then pluck out some new Pikmin friends when they’re fully grown!
Become close enough with your Pikmin and they may even turn into special “Decor Pikmin” that wear items related to where their Seedlings were found.
Walk, grow, and pluck to surround yourself with all sorts of Pikmin friends.

You can even plant flowers along your path while walking with your Pikmin. Work together with other players to fill the world with beautiful flowers!
From regular outings to your commute to school or work, Pikmin make the little parts of daily life that much more enjoyable.

Release date: November 1, 2021
Supported platforms: iOS, Android
Distributor: Niantic

A new adventure blossoms!

Pikmin are back for yet another grand mission in Pikmin 4 for Nintendo Switch! These tiny, plant-like creatures inhabit a mysterious planet. Grow, pluck and command them, as you traverse this new world with their help.

Pikmin 4

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release date: July 21, 2023
No. of players: Single System (1-2)

How to get the “Pikmin 4 Oatchi-Rider Costume”

Step 1

Either finish the Pikmin 4 eShop demo or play the Pikmin 4 game (available July 21) for the Nintendo Switch system.

Step 2

Go to the My Nintendo official website, open the “Pikmin 4 Oatchi-Rider Costume Redeem Code” reward page, then select “Redeem.”

(Please sign in to My Nintendo using the same Nintendo Account that you used to complete the Pikmin 4 game or demo.)
(It may take up to 48 hours after playing the Pikmin 4 game for the reward code to appear.)

Step 3

Enter the reward code from step two on the gift redemption page.

(You must log in with your Pikmin Bloom Login Account to access the gift page. You can check your Login Account info in the Pikmin Bloom app by going to Settings > Account > Login Account.)

Step 4

You can now receive the “Pikmin 4 Oatchi-Rider Costume” gift in Pikmin Bloom. Time to dress up your Mii and hit the streets!

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