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You can now encounter “Ball Keychain” Decor Pikmin when you’re out at a sporting event!
Dec 3 2022

This one’s for all you sports fans out there! Whether you prefer watching or playing (or even if sports isn’t your thing), you’re sure to find something to love about the new “Ball Keychain” Decor Pikmin, which will begin appearing tomorrow, December 5th! You can find seedlings for “Ball Keychain” Decor Pikmin around stadiums. Their keychains include the name of the stadium and the date you found the seedling, making them a great souvenir for any game or event you attend. Keep an eye out for them on your expedition list the next time you head out!

Ready for some fun trivia about sports and stadiums?

1. Where did stadiums come from in the first place?

There are stadiums all over the world these days, but that wasn’t always the case! It’s said the very first stadiums originated in Olympia, Greece all the way back around 800 BC. The word “stadium” even comes from the Greek word “stadion,” which was a unit for measuring distance. At first they were only used to host short-distance running events, but later expanded to accommodate a variety of other competitions. They were designed to allow for a large number of spectators, eventually growing in scale to hold tens of thousands of people. Today, some stadiums boast a capacity of nearly 100,000 people. Just how many Pikmin would it take to fill up that kind of stadium?!

2. Why are soccer balls black and white, anyway?

If asked to picture a soccer ball, most people would probably imagine one that’s black and white, but did you know that’s actually a relatively recent design? In the past, most soccer balls were solid white or brown in color. It wasn’t until the 1960s that black-and-white soccer balls became the norm. Another thing taking the world by storm at that time was black-and-white TV sets. Can you guess the connection? That’s right! Soccer balls were changed to their now-familiar black-and-white design to make them easier to see on black-and-white TVs. You may look at your “Ball Keychain” Decor Pikmin with different eyes now that you know more about the history!

3. Just how fast can a person run?

Running is a core part of all kinds of sports, from everyday jogging to Olympic sprints. But just how fast can someone run, anyway? According to Britannica, professional athlete Usain Bolt holds the world record with a running speed of 10.44 meters per second. That translates to 23.35 mph (37.58 km/h). The distance from Coney Island to Yankee Stadium in New York is about 20 miles, so running at that speed the whole way would get you there in under an hour! But that begs the question… Could a Winged Pikmin make it there even faster?!
To those of you out there walking with your Pikmin every day, why not check how far you’ve walked this week in Pikmin Bloom?

*The app must be updated to the latest version (v58) for “Ball Keychain” Decor Pikmin to be displayed properly.


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