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"Ticket" Decor Pikmin are here!
May 30 2022

New “Ticket” Decor Pikmin will appear in-game starting today around train stations!

These Decor Pikmin have tickets with the name of the station and date you found their seedling printed on them. So, in addition to your usual station, why not make some memories by traveling somewhere off the beaten track and collecting tickets there?

Just like “Paper Train” Decor Pikmin, “Ticket” Decor Pikmin can be found near train stations in seven different types: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Rock, and Winged.

To celebrate their debut, “Ticket” Decor Pikmin will be the only type of Decor Pikmin that can be found and raised from seedlings found at train stations from now until the end of June.

*Starting in July, you will be able to meet both “Ticket” Decor Pikmin and “Paper Train” Decor Pikmin at train stations.

*Before June 1st, only “Paper Train” Decor Pikmin can be found at train stations.

Don’t forget to post the “Ticket” Decor Pikmin you find to social media using #(Station Name) and #TicketDecorPikmin. We can’t wait to see what station names your Decor Pikmin have!

*Please update your app to the latest version (v45) for “Ticket” Decor Pikmin to be displayed properly.

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