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May Big Flower Forecast
Apr 30 2022

Mother’s Day is just around the corner in many countries! As an early celebration, this month we’ve started to see carnations in bloom. Carnations are a popular flower to symbolize “love towards one’s mother” in many countries and, going along with the theme of “love”, you may just also find the occasional rose along your path!

Flowers of the Month

Carnations and roses

May Big Flower Forecast

  • Throughout May, Big Flowers may occasionally bloom into pansies, carnations, roses and tulips when you plant regular red, yellow, white, or blue petals around them.

  • After June 1st, 2022, pansies and tulips will no longer bloom spontaneously from regular flower petals.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s gardens filled with flowers to express love and appreciation for their friends and family this month!

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