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Meet the Pikmin
These mysterious plantlike creatures can’t be seen with the naked eye, but they're actually everywhere around you. When you grow and pluck new Pikmin, they will immediately join your squad and follow you wherever you go.
When your friendship level reaches a certain threshold, your Pikmin may bring you a gift containing an item that will help them become a Decor Pikmin.
The appearance of Decor Pikmin, a rare and exciting variety, is determined by the place where you originally picked up that Pikmin’s seedling.
Playing with Pikmin
Playing with Pikmin
Load a seedling into your planter pack and get walking! After enough steps, you’ll be able to pluck a new, fully grown Pikmin.
When you feed nectar to your Pikmin, beautiful flowers will bloom on their heads. Collect and save their petals—they’ll come in handy later on!
When you use petals to plant flowers, they will bloom around you as you walk, leaving a colorful trail wherever you go.
Your Pikmin will remember the places where you found fruit and new seedlings along your way, so you can always send them to pick them up later.
Daily Lookback
At the end of the day, you can take a look back over the path you walked.
You can also save some pictures, so you don’t forget the day you had.
You can send your Pikmin out on expeditions to pick up fruit and seedlings. They should be back as soon as they can, ready for another adventure!
The places covered by clouds on the map are areas you haven’t explored with your Pikmin yet. Tomorrow is another great day to expand those horizons!
Pikmin Bloom Game Overview
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