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Donut Decor Pikmin have arrived!
Jun 8 2023

We’re nearly halfway through 2023—how many Pikmin have you managed to find so far this year?

Starting today, you’ll be able to find Decor Pikmin adorned with various kinds of donuts! These Donut Decor Pikmin can be grown from seedlings found around sweetshops!

By the way, have you ever wondered why there’s a hole in the middle of many donuts? There are various theories explaining the reason, and we’re here to give you the “whole” story!

One theory states that the hole exists so that they’re easier to cook through to the center when dropped into the oil. Another says that donuts were originally a fried confectionery adorned with walnuts in the middle, but since walnuts were hard to obtain at the time, the donut makers simply made a hole there instead. Yet another theory claims that the hole was created when someone fired an arrow through the donut’s center, proving that there are nearly as many theories regarding the topic as there are kinds of donuts.

Recently, there are many different ways to make donuts in addition to frying them, including steaming, baking, and simply twisting the dough without making any holes. Having so many choices makes it hard to choose just one!

If you meet a Pikmin adorned with a donut, be sure to take some time to relax and enjoy some sweets together!

*The app must be updated to the latest version (v70) for Donut Decor Pikmin to be displayed properly.


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