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Hot from the mountain tops! “Mountain Pin Badge” Decor Pikmin make for wonderful souvenirs!
Jun 22 2022

Time flies, and we are almost halfway through the year 2022. Let’s stop for a moment to recap: What did you do in the first half of this year? How many steps have you walked with Pikmin Bloom so far? What places have you been to in the past six months?

The seasons are changing. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re approaching the summer, and some of you may be planning a getaway in the mountains, where temperatures tend to be cooler than in the city.

Well, if that’s your plan, you’re in luck! Next time you visit a mountain, you may be able to meet a “Mountain Pin Badge” Decor Pikmin! The name of the mountain you found these Pikmin is engraved in the badge, along with the date when you found them. Be advised, though, that this type of Decor Pikmin can only be found near the summit of each mountain so, depending on where you are, you may need to hike all the way up before you find a seedling. When climbing a mountain, please be especially careful, stay aware of your surroundings, and never play Pikmin Bloom while walking. If you find a seedling, you can always send your Pikmin on an expedition to pick it up later, when you’re resting at a safe area, or at the end of the day, after you’ve descended from the mountain.

In this blog, we’ve compiled three fun facts around the topic of mountains. They make for good conversation starters when you invite your friends on a hike with you!

1) Where do the mountains begin?

Ever wondered what part of the earth's surface is considered a mountain? Turns out that the definition of a mountain is “a place where the ground is raised and higher than the surrounding area”, so other than being larger than a hill, there seems no designated minimum height for what can be considered a mountain.

2) Why do they say the weather in the mountains changes so easily?

Have you ever heard people say that “mountain weather is changeable” and very difficult to forecast? This actually has to do with the mountain terrain and the wind. When the wind blows upward along the slope of a mountain, an updraft occurs. This updraft can result in the creation of clouds, which bring with them not only rain but also lightning sometimes. Mountains are prone to the formation of these clouds, which are called cumulonimbus clouds, and this makes the weather more changeable and unpredictable.

3) Mountain environment issues

When you go to the mountains, you are surrounded by nature, the air is clean, and you feel liberated. But did you know that the trash that people leave behind in the mountains can have severe consequences? For example, if some foods have been left in mountains, wild animals may get accustomed to its taste. Some of these animals may then approach or attack people who are walking in the mountains, or even come down to houses in the foothills, hoping that they will be able to eat it again if they go around people. It seems that trash from the mountains can travel down rivers and even affect animals in oceans. When you visit the mountains, make sure to clean up after yourself and do not throw trash away except in designated areas, or take it back home with you whenever possible.

*Please use app version v43 or later for the “Mountain” Decor Pikmin to be displayed correctly.


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