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Take a break and curl up with a good book! Introducing "Tiny Book" Decor Pikmin!
May 17 2022

Starting today, new “Tiny Book” Decor Pikmin will appear in-game around libraries and bookstores! You can walk to one of these places and then relax on a nice park bench with your new reading material.

Whether you’re a dedicated bookworm or someone who can’t remember when they last sat down to read, this is your chance to search for “Tiny Book” Decor Pikmin Seedlings in Pikmin Bloom!

By the way, did you know that the German inventor Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press around the year 1450 and is largely responsible for the widespread access to books we see today worldwide? In recent years, eBooks have expanded our reading options even further!

Books have many different genres, from novels and non-fiction to philosophy and comics. Do you have a favorite? Use the hashtag #PikminBloom on social media to tell us what you think and share photos of your favorite “Tiny Book” Decor Pikmin!

*In order for the “Tiny Book” Decor Pikmin to be displayed correctly, please update your app to the latest version (v43 or later).

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