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New “Weekly Challenge” Feature!
Apr 27 2022

With the release of the app’s latest version (v44), you can now join “Weekly Challenges” to team up with your friends and work toward a shared step goal!

The rules are simple! All you have to do is join one of the available “Weekly Challenges” with your friends, and get walking! Reaching the required step goal will get you some rewards and, if you don’t – not to worry! There are participation prizes too!

How to join a “Weekly Challenge”:

  • Tap the “Activity” widget on the home screen to display the Activity List.

  • Select the challenge you’d like to participate in, set up the group, and get started!

*Challenges can be joined by your friends, and by participants’ friends.

*The current participation limit is set at one challenge per week.

New challenge activities will be added soon, so please stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, invite your friends and family to join Pikmin Bloom and start walking!

When playing Pikmin Bloom, please stay safe by paying attention to your surroundings and respecting the laws and policies of your national and local governments. Please note that upcoming events may need to be delayed or cancelled based on unforeseen circumstances. You can keep up with the latest on Pikmin Bloom online via social media or in-game announcements.

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