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“Sushi” Decor Pikmin arrive in April! Ready to test your sushi knowledge?
Apr 6 2022

New “Sushi” Decor Pikmin have arrived this month! You’ll be able to find them around sushi restaurants. Sushi has long been a staple of Japanese food culture, but today it’s enjoyed by countless people around the world.

It’s said that nigiri sushi first gained popularity during the Edo period in Japan. Ever wondered how sushi might have been different back then? Or how it has changed over the years? Take a look at these fun sushi facts for the answers!

This extra knowledge is guaranteed to make meeting your “Sushi” Decor Pikmin much more enjoyable!

1. Sushi used to be three times bigger!?

It’s said that nigiri sushi was born in Japan during the latter half of the Edo period, back in the early 1800s.

Back then, it was a trendy fast-food item sold alongside tempura and soba at food stands. The kinds were mostly limited to what could be caught out of Edo Bay (now Tokyo Bay), such as shrimp, eel, and squid. The sushi was much bigger back then too, by upwards of two to three times!

2. Not all sushi was born in Japan!

While it was invented in Japan, sushi has become wildly popular worldwide. This has led to new overseas creations like California rolls made with avocado, and spider rolls with softshell crab. Some places even serve fruit sushi, made with strawberries, mangos, and more!

3. Becoming a sushi chef can be a decade long affair

Becoming a professional sushi chef isn’t easy. Professional sushi chefs, known as “itamae” in Japan are expected not only to prepare sushi – their job includes entertaining guests and even calculating the bill at the end of a meal.

Mastering the art of crafting beautiful nigiri-sushi is not a simple matter of throwing together some rice, seaweed, and fish. Every step of the way is important, and this is usually reflected in the type of training undergone by sushi chefs, who usually start at the very bottom and work their way up over years and years of practice.

4. There are special terms for green tea, soy sauce, ginger, and other items that are used only in sushi restaurants!

Enter a Japanese sushi restaurant and suddenly rice is “shari,” green tea is “agari,” soy sauce is “murasaki,” and ginger is “gari.” These differ from their usual Japanese terms, and may throw even native speakers for a loop!

“Murasaki,” for example, comes from the Japanese word for purple. A long time ago, soy sauce used to be more of a dark red color. It was also quite expensive. And since purple was seen as a high-class or noble color, soy sauce came to be called “murasaki.”

5. Wasabi is for much more than just setting your mouth aflame!

No sushi would be complete without wasabi. And while many appreciate it just for the spice, it can also help cover up sushi’s fishy smell. It is even said to have antibacterial effects that help ensure the fish is clean.

Most people are familiar with wasabi, but what many don’t realize is there are actually two distinct kinds! There’s the wasabi we associate with sushi, made from the Japanese wasabi plant, but there’s also a western variant often made of horseradish. Both the wasabi and horseradish plants are members of the Brassicaceae family, but they are quite distinct. Wasabi has a dark green color and is used most often for sushi, while horseradish wasabi is white in color and is sometimes eaten with roast beef. Small amounts of either will produce that distinct “wasabi” tingling sensation in the nose.

So, did you learn something? Sushi is familiar to most of us, but there’s a lot more to it than you might think! Next time you head out to a sushi restaurant, take a look at your Expedition List. You may just find some seedlings with the distinct sushi restaurant icon!

*Note: The app must be updated to the latest version (v41) for Sushi Decor Pikmin to be displayed properly.

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